Progress DBA Training

General information

Progress DBA training is hands-on training for system administrators to become a skilled Progress Database Administrator. This is a training-on-the-job.

This means we will teach you DBA skills at your location with the help of your own environment and database(s) so you can apply the skills you learned immediately and have the opportunity to ask questions.

progress training Openedge DBA

Who should attend

This Progress DBA training is intended for system administrators without or with little knowledge of the Progress OpenEdge environment but with knowledge of the Windows or Unix operating system, depending on the infrastructure you manage at your work.


After the Progress DBA training the system administrator is able to

  • maintain a Progress database / environment
  • perform daily management routines & tasks
  • knows how to configure and apply high availability options
  • tune the performance of the Progress based application and database


  • Database layout and contents
  • Components of a Progress OpenEdge installation
  • Understanding the different Progress processes.
  • Daily management tasks
  • Working with Progress explorer tool
  • Command line utilities
  • Security
  • Installation of patches and updates
  • Tips & tricks
  • Performancetuning – the basics
  • Performance utilities on Windows and Unix
  • Performancetuning Tips & Tricks
  • Establishing a performancebaseline
  • Maintaining a performance baseline
  • Performing risk analysis
  • Progress backup and restore
  • Disaster recovery & procedures
  • Implementing after imaging
  • Database replication based on after imaging
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Performing a database analysis
  • Executing an index rebuild
  • Performing a database dump & load
  • Platform and Progress migrations